Trucker’s Got Hearts of Gold

Not a super interesting story as much as it is a feel good one.

Part of my job requires me to pick up high way cones, the 28 inch ones not grabbers. Sometimes it gets pretty scary out there. Hanging off the side of the truck going 20 MPH while you have traffic going passed you at 55 on state routes.

When we are doing center line (the yellow lines) we have a do not pass sign on our truck, which by the way is a legal sign, that you are required to obey. We do our best to pull over when traffic starts to back up, trust me. We know we are inconvenience but we are just trying to get our job done as fast and safe as possible so our foreman isn’t bitching us out because some times we can be as far back as 10-15 miles depending on the weather from the paint truck.

Well we are doing a two lane high way one day. and no one is staying behind us, they keep passing, I’m hanging off the truck seeing my death almost happen way to often. I see this oversized load come up and while he can fit in the lane, (just barley) he’s in the middle of road and it looks like hes gonna try to pass. So I start yelling at my driver to pull over ASAP which he starts to do.

The trucker starts flashing his lights and blows his horn at us with his hand waving forward. At this point hes maybe 20-30 feet off our ass. Yelling at me to keep going his got traffic control. We drove for a 12 more miles with like with truck getting over only when traffic was coming the other way.

When we finally had to pull off because the road was done, there was at least 20 minutes of traffic behind him. We had alot of people yelling at us and flipping us off, some even threw trash at us. but I didn’t care, Because I knew that at least one other person on the high way cared more about my safety than they did about getting some place quickly.

There’s some good hearts out there.

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