Limits Are Freeing

I’m going to give you a piece of advice others have already given.

Learning your limits.

This was difficult for me, and I’d frequently push myself too hard with physical activities just so I could “keep up” with friends and family, or feel like my old self again. And then I’d pay the price for it and be sick in bed for days. Getting used to the idea that it’s ok that I hike slower now, that we have to pack a ton of equipment to the beach so that I always have shade to sit in, all those things are just my life now, and it’s fine. No shame in that. And my friends/family really don’t mind accommodating me, because they care! They want to spend time with me, and those are the things that go along with it. I had to get that through my head, instead of feeling like a burden to them. Because if it were any of them that had this illness and I were healthy, I’d absolutely do for them what they do for me every day! Just keep that in mind. If you ever feel like a burden to your loved ones, remember that. Would you do it for them? If you would, don’t feel bad.

It takes time to adjust to your “new normal”. But I think it’s important to just not be so hard on yourself. You’re gonna have bad days, that’s a given. You’re also going to have good days! Take advantage of those and live it up. Try to have as much of a sense of humor about life as you can, it helps. Sometimes something happens and I can only either cry or laugh, choose to laugh.

This disease tries to stack the deck against you, make life very hard to live.

But it’s never met you before.

Be its worst enemy.

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