It’s A Girl Car

If it’s owned buy a guy it’s a guy car, if it’s owned by a girl it’s a girl car. I don’t see how the car has any gender associated to it. Some men and women keep them super clean, others have winches, extra gas cans and get them covered in mud.

Wrangler is the only Jeep that is suitable for offroad right from the factory? What is “girly” about that?

Besides that, the concept of a “girls car” is just stupid. What about gearhead girls? Or race driver girls? Etc.

I have 2 cars that people like to call “girls cars”. A 99 Eclipse Turbo Spyder and a 89 Suzuki Sidekick. Both are awesome to me and I love them. I also do my own work on cars and motorcycles, work a dangerous job, can fix most things around the house, etc.

If someone if going to call something a “girl car” then their opinion on the matter can be safely discarded.

Motorcyclists sometimes will go ‘oh anything under 1200cc is a girl bike’ but Harley riders will go ‘well the Sportster is really a girl bike 1200cc or not’ and this is the nature of things.

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