For Love of Vinson

I’ve had my ’06 Vinson, bought in mid ’05 everywhere. 12,000+ feet? Did that above Vail and rode a creek up the side of a mountain while doing it. Gumbo so thick it took a full size pickup to pull me out? 3 years ago on a trail not far from home. Hopped from boulder to boulder? Many times, most recently in July in the Shoshone National Forest above Lander. Hauled adult Elk through a forest trail at 9K? Almost every fall. Ridden in snow over the top of my wheels at temperatures below 0F? 4 years ago, hunting the Northern BigHorns. Flown down fire roads at over 55MPH in 100 degree heat? Two years ago at Green Mountain.

Literally thousands of miles and hundreds of stories and in 10 years of working that machine I’ve replaced a headlight bulb, a battery, and put new tires on. My husband’s ’06 Eiger, bought at the same time, has been just as reliable.

I have absolute confidence in my machines. I’ve put it through the worst terrain and weather the Rocky’s have to offer and it’s earned my faith.

If you’re in the area let’s get together. First guy to break a machine buys the beer. 🙂

The current Hondas, while good, are tinker toys compared to the pair of ’97 FourTrax 350 4x4s I have. The 91 FourTrax 250 4×2 I have is also better than anything they make anymore.

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