Eloping is About Getting Married So’s A Wedding

I didn’t have a big wedding with all of my special people and not so special people. I didn’t have a maid of honor, brides maids or anything like that. I didn’t have a big caterer plan the meal. A planner who handled the reception.

I didn’t have wedding invitations, a bridal shower, or a bachlorette party. Though my husband and I did go drinking with our friends the night before.

We eloped and did what was important to us. We did what any wedding should be about.

That is so often forgotten in the hub bub.

I do not regret it at all, in fact I think it’s one of the best decisions we’ve made.

We didn’t have any help in funding a ceremony and really wanted to buy a house, so we decided to use the money we’d saved as a down payment instead of on a wedding.

We got married on a warm sunny day. I wore a $35 dress (one of the few times I have ever worn a dress, and in retrospect on thing that I would have changed). I did my own hair and makeup, and bought flowers from a roadside stand on the way to the forest where we got married.

We went on our honeymoon a few months later which wasn’t that a problem, we both love skiing.

A few months after that, we had a cocktail party type reception. Food, drink, just lots of talking and mingling. There was no father daughter dance, no mother groom. That stuff makes us sick to our stomaches, besides I’m nearly 6 feet tall. We got nothing but positive feedback, so I’m assuming that everyone liked it. And if they didn’ they haven’t said anything.

Some parents have a tremendous amount of expectation regarding the marriage of their children, I was fortunate in that mine did not. I think it really depends on the family whether or not it will be an issue, but sometimes when people talk about weddings it becomes “It is my day” and while it is the couple’s day, you can forbid people from being upset over the choice you made either. Bear that in mind, but remember that ultimately, it’s your day!

When I explain our story to people and how happy we are with it, a lot of people say “oh that’s what we should have done!” but the truth is, eloping isn’t the right thing for everyone. But it definitely was for us!

And that is what matters in the whole constellation.

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